• Bandana Bibs
    Bandana bibs - Mix ‘n’ Match
    Bibs that are soft comfortable and easy for your pēpi to wear. Save their clothing, catch some mess.
    Bandana bibs are made of the fabric leftover from pēpi pouches - so there is NO waste.
    Patterned front with plain absorbent flannel backing

    3 for $21
    NZ$ 21.00
  • Custom Made Sleep Sack
    Custom made sleep sack for your Pēpi with your choice of colour, size and lining.
    Pēpi Pouches come in a range of sizes to accommodate your pēpi up to 18months.
    We stock a range of different fabrics to suit your pēpi.
    We use 100% merino fabric to line our sleep sacks to help regulate pēpis temperature and keep cosy.
    NZ$ 80.00