Pēpi Apparel Blog!

Pēpi Apparel Blog!


An idea. A baby. A business.

It began with an unrealistic dream. Of creating something fantastic overnight.

Something I enjoyed, that I needed an excuse to do more of.

During New Zealand first nationwide Level 4 lockdown, I decided to make the most of my time at home and create something. Not just something for me, something I could share with as many people as possible. Something useful, yet beautiful. I found some fabric, rummaged through closets for any sewing materials and let my creativity go wild. Voila! A sleep sack, two three, four. I just kept making them. Different designs, different fabrics, different linings.

Then I decided to get serious, I order some beautiful fabrics online and they were delivered as an essential item. I told some friends, shared some stories and this was a really popular idea. Four days later, I’ve jumped in the deep end, commissioned a website design, taken orders for friends, ordered prime merino fabric, taken suggestions of what to make from old high school matrons.

The name was the hardest part, I wanted a bit of me and a bit of what I am doing. Baby seemed too obvious, so pēpi was perfect. I have always had a strong affinity for te reo māori. So being able to weave this into my business name feels very natural. I knew I didn’t want to just do sleep sacks, or just do clothes. I want to be able to create a wide range of things. We all want different things, so I feel that by offering these, I can create a much more successful business.

I don’t really know where this will take me, but I am so excited to start my own venture with something I love, for people I love.

Maybe I’ll add pockets. Babies need pockets don’t they?

The Vision:

Start a business that I can run full time, sewing custom sleep sacks, bibs, onesies and other baby apparel.


Posted: Thu 23 Apr 2020